Neuberger Fume Cupboard: Degistor AZ 180

Manufacturer: Neuberger Type: Degistor AZ 180 Year of manufacture: 2018 Dimensions (l/w/h): ca, 1800 x 1000 x 2500 mm Weight(kg): estimated 750 kg  General function: Fume cupboard with integrated ventilation device for toxic fume, vapors and dusts and included pump station For immediate sale one Neuberger Degistor AZ 180. The cupboard is fully functional and […]

For Sale: Siconnex Etcher / Cleaner Batchspray Acid 300mm 25W

Manufacturer: Siconnex Type: Batchspray Acid for 300mm for 25 Wafers/Square Substrates Year of manufacture: 2018 Dimensions (l/w/h): ca, 2000 x 1200 x 2000 mm Weight(kg): estimated 1500 kg  Type of PLC: Beckhoff General function: 12″ rotating batchspray machine for etching and cleaning with acids os bases (closed system). Currently the tools are set up for […]

ISEL Wafer Handling Robot IWH-TA10S10F-1

For sale: Here is an ISEL IWH-TA10S10F-1 Wafer Handler manufactured in 2009. The robot is fully functional and comes with the pictured mapping sensor. As the robot comes from a Siconnex Vertical Developer, we also have a corresponding guide rail and controller. The robot has been in use for around 4 years in total. The […]


We are selling here a GIGA 690 from PVA TePLA. The GIGA 690 is a MICROWAVE PLASMA SYSTEM. Further information: PROCESS CHAMBER Material Aluminum Volume 91 liters Inner dimensions 450 x 450 x 450 mm No RF- electrodes inside chamber VACUUM SYSTEM Vacuum connection DN 63 ISO K Process gas control 2 gas channels standard, […]

Disco Mounter

We are selling here a Wafer Disco Mounter. The Mounter is fully functional. Please contact us for further information.

For Sale are 4 Suss Microtec Gamma Spray Coat -Developer Cluster Systems.

Manufacturer: Suss Microtec Year of manufacture: 2013 / 2014 Model: Suss Gamma Cluster System: Coater- Developer with Hotplates and Coolplates Condition: Excellent, complete system, serviced during production period by Suss Microtec working horse, Wafer size: 6″ & 8″mm wafers. Configuration: 4 Cassettes 2 ea Spray Coat Stations / Note: The Spray Coat Stations can be […]

Challenges and Solutions to Meet Future Cost Targets

Since LED became an attractive alternative for general lighting, the market demand for higher brightness, higher efficiency and lower costs was the motivation for improving the LED tech – nology. Whereas an increase in brightness and efficiency is mostly a question of the LED chip design, a reduction of the costs is in the focus […]

Additive Reality: Drops of Technology

The solder mask application revolves around the solder mask material. Still, not all the attention should end on the material alone. The inkjet printed solder mask layer will be made of a collection of drops; next to the solder mask ink, a few other materials play a role in the shaping of these drops. My previous […]