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SSE Story

SSE designs, manufactures, and distributes leading-edge manufacturing equipment for the semiconductor, Telecom / Optoelectronik markets and Flat Panel Display (FPD).

Through innovative engineering and a thorough knowledge of the semiconductor manufacturing process, SSE is able to deliver standard and customized solutions that other capital equipment manufacturers cannot.

SSE`s products fall into three categories:

  • Semi-Automatic Wafer and Substrate Processing Equipment (for laboratories)
  • Automated Photoresist Processing Equipment
  • Wafer Mounting and Wafer Preparation Equipment

SSE Services

We service various SSE Sister Semiconductor Equipment GmbH / ATM SSE machines worldwide:

  • Maximus 804 Coater- Developer and Lift-Off Tracks 
  • Optiwet
  • Opticoat
  • Optihot

We repair and refurbish all stations like coat, develop, hotplate and coolplate stations.

Our large stock of spare parts consists of PMA Controller Modules, Metronix Spin Controllers, Spin Motors and a large variety of obsolete parts.

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SSE Projects

Maximus 804 Coater Developer System with either Genmark Robot or Isel Robot.

This system is similar to the Gamma 60/80 from Suss Microtec. The Maximus can handle wafers from 3″ to 8″. With its Closed Cover Chuck a better uniformity on square substrates can be achieved.

Open Bowl Coater with Stepper Motor Driven Dispense Arm.

The lifting pins transfer the wafer after process end back to the robots endeffector.

Optiwet Developer, Etcher, Cleaner System for large Substrates

Manual Load. Stepper Motor Driven Dispense arms.

SSE Opticoat 75

The machines are for large square substrate coating for up to 16 “ or larger.

The machine has a servo motor driven Air Barrier Plate that closes in on the chuck to allow for better coating results similar to the Gyrset effect from Suss Microtec.

The dispense arm is programable, but in most FABs not used.

Optiwet Process Chamber 

Optiwet Process Chamber with 2 Dispense arms and various nozzles for Di Water, Cleaning or Etching Media, N2 or CDR Dry spin. Backside Rinse is also available. The Waste Management of the Optiwet is also integrated to separate Di Water and Process Media.

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