For Sale are 4 Suss Microtec Gamma Spray Coat -Developer Cluster Systems.

Manufacturer: Suss Microtec Year of manufacture: 2013 / 2014

Model: Suss Gamma Cluster System: Coater- Developer with Hotplates and Coolplates

Condition: Excellent, complete system, serviced during production period by Suss Microtec

working horse,

Wafer size: 6″ & 8″mm wafers.

Configuration: 4 Cassettes

2 ea Spray Coat Stations / Note: The Spray Coat Stations can be upgraded to

Spin Coaters

1 ea Developer Station

1ea Sankyo Wafer Handling Robot

1 ea Optical Centering Station

2 ea HMDS Hotplates 250 °C

1 ea Standard proximity Hotplate 250 °C & 2 ea Coolplates.

3 ea Media Cabinets with a total of 6 pressurized tanks

1 ea Electrical Cabinet

Options: If needed configuration of hotplates and coolplates can be modified to customer requirements.

Installation, Technical Support, spare parts and process support available.

The machine was in production from 2014 to early 2019. From 2019 until today the machine is used in our show room in Remseck Germany. 3 other Spray Coater – Developer Cluster Tools are available. Property of APEX Semiconductor GmbH.


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