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APEX Semiconductor - Germany

Photo Equipment from OEMs who no longer exist (i.e. Convac-Fairchild, B.L.E. Laboratory Equipment, SSE (Sister Semiconductor Equipment), SVG (Silicon Valley Group), ATMsse, APT (Convac) and where the OEMs have ceased support due to the age of the systems.

APEX Semiconductor - USA

KLA-Tencor Technical Support For 2100 Series Bright Field Tools
KLA-Tencor Models 21XX ISMIF, 2132, 2133, 2135, 2135XP, 2138, 2138XP, 2139, 25XX, 2552, ADC

For a wide range of Models we provide the following services and spare parts:

  • Karl Suss ACS 200 Classic, Coater, Developer, Hotplate, Coolplate , VPO Tracks
  • Karl Suss RC8 Standalone Coater, Hotplate Tools
  • Suss Microtec Gamma 60 and 80, ACS 200+, Delta Coater, Developer or Table Top
  • Fairchild / Convac / Suss Microtec Falcon Coater, Developer Hotplate, Coolplate, HMDS, VPO, Lift-Off
  • Convac M6000 Coater, Developer, HMDS, Hotplate, Cleaner, Lift Off, Etcher etc.
  • Convac M2000 Coater, Developer tracks and all other manual tools
  • Convac manual standalone process machines
  • Convac APT systems
  • B.L.E. Gamma, Respect, Acrobat, Delta .
  • SSE and ATMsse Maximus 804 , Opticoat, Optiwet Optihot
  • SVG 90s Tracks and other SVG Tools, Coater, Developer, Hotplate, Coolplate,
  • Semitek, Hamatech
  • KLA 21xx


  • Tool Installation, De-Installation, Tool Relocations
  • System Audits, Performance baselines, Pre-Upgrade System Qualification
  • Appraisals, Applications support
  • Preventative Maintenance (6 Week PM, Quarterly, Six Month & Annual PM)
  • Tier 3 & Tier 4 Technical Support, On-Site Escalation Support
  • 2552 Wafer Defect Analysis
  • Station Support
  • Optics Verifications
  • Stage Verifications and Repair
  • Yield Data Integration & Network Troubleshooting 
  • ADC Processor & Managers supported
  • 21XX Customer Operations Training and

Level 1 Service Maintenance Training

Level 1 / 2 Training includes Customer Operations and Preventive Maintenance Training

Level 3 – Level 4 Advanced Stage And Optics Alignment Training Strictly Reserved only for KLA-Tencor Personnel

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