Spare Parts, Service and Upgrades

Since August 1999, we support a wide range of Photo Equipment from OEMs who no longer exist (i.e. Convac-Fairchild, B.L.E. Laboratory Equipment, SSE (Sister Semiconductor Equipment), SVG (Silicon Valley Group), ATMsse, APT (Convac) or where the OEMs have simply ceased support due to the age of the systems.

What equipment do we service?

  • Karl Suss ACS 200 Classic, Coater, Developer, Hotplate, Coolplate , VPO Tracks
  • Karl Suss RC8 Standalone Coater, Hotplate Tools
  • Suss Microtec Gamma 60 and 80, ACS 200+, Delta Coater, Developer or Table Top
  • Fairchild / Convac / Suss Microtec Falcon Coater, Developer Hotplate, Coolplate, HMDS, VPO, Lift-Off
  • Convac M6000 Coater, Developer, HMDS, Hotplate, Cleaner, Lift Off, Etcher etc.
  • Convac M2000 Coater, Developer tracks and all other manual tools
  • Convac manual standalone process machines
  • Convac APT systems
  • B.L.E. Gamma, Respect, Acrobat, Delta .
  • SSE and ATMsse Maximus 804 , Opticoat, Optiwet Optihot
  • SVG 90s Tracks and other SVG Tools, Coater, Developer, Hotplate, Coolplate,
  • Semitek, Hamatech
  • KLA 21xx

How do we provide technical service?

  • Onsite Troubleshooting
  • Onsite Escalation Service
  • Online support
  • Overhauls and Refurbishments of machines and subsystems i.e. Genmark Robots, Isel Robots and Frogleg Robots, Single Process Modules like Hotplates, Coolplates, Coater stations etc.
  • Parts Repairs for electrical, mechanical and pneumatical components
  • Installation and De-installation service
  • Relocation service for process equipment
  • Process support and optimization
  • Source Inspection
  • Upgrades
  • We also are able to offer Specialist service on KLA 21xx support and spare parts

Ready to give your valuable aged equipment a second live?

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