For Sale: Siconnex Etcher / Cleaner Batchspray Acid 300mm 25W

Manufacturer: Siconnex

Type: Batchspray Acid for 300mm for 25 Wafers/Square Substrates

Year of manufacture: 2018

Dimensions (l/w/h): ca, 2000 x 1200 x 2000 mm

Weight(kg): estimated 1500 kg 

Type of PLC: Beckhoff

General function: 12″ rotating batchspray machine for etching and cleaning with acids os bases (closed system). Currently the tools are set up for 12″ square substrates. The tool can be upgraded to process Wafers. The machines are very young and come from a pilot line. Excellent condition.

We have 2 systems for immediate sale. Both Siconnex Batchspray acid tools are fully functional an can be inspected in Austria after consultation.

If you have further questions about the history of the tools, please feel free to contact us via form or phone:

+49 170 2844435


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